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We believe there is a way that you can know God - and that is through trusting Jesus Christ. If you would like to know more about him come and join us!


    Welcome to our church website. It should give you a taste of what is going on but we would love you to come and see for yourself. You would be so welcome.

    Church staff:

    • Pastor: Steve Levy
    • Assistant Pastors: Will Savory and Tom Martyn

    1. Sunday Morning Live Service

      22nd Mar 11:00am


    2. Sunday Evening Live Service

      22nd Mar 6:00pm



    1. Live Streaming of Sunday Services

      22.Mar.2020 by MPBC News

      We are live streaming our services at 11am and 6pm each Sunday. If you would...

    2. Prayer Requests

      22.Mar.2020 by MPBC News

      If you would like us to pray for you as a church at this time please send...

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

The Kingsway, Swansea. SA1 5LF

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