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Foundation Courses

copy-of-reading-bible_blue1.jpgBible study courses are at the heart of our church.  We encourage everyone to study the Bible so that it is God's word that leads the church.


A ten week course covering the basics of Christian doctrine with sermon CDs

  1. Week 1 Authority and clarity of the Bible
  2. Week 2 What is God like?
  3. Week 3 The Trinity
  4. Week 4 Providence and creation
  5. Week 5 Who are we?
  6. Week 6 Jesus – who is he?
  7. Week 7 Jesus – why did he die?
  8. Week 8 The Holy Spirit and Christian beginnings
  9. Week 9 The Holy Spirit – enjoying God’s empowering presence
  10. Week 10 Last things

Sermon on the Mount: 

A six week course looking at Jesus’ famous sermon and teaching us the way to actually live the Christian life.  People are encouraged to read the passage and two commentaries on the sermon.

Bible overview:

A twelve week course giving a huge sweep of the whole Bible and how Jesus is the key to understanding it all.

  1. Study 1 What is the Bible about?  Is it all we really need?
  2. Study 2 Creation to new creation
  3. Study 3 Father Abraham
  4. Study 4 Redemption
  5. Study 5 Promised land
  6. Study 6 Kings to exile
  7. Study 7 The Latter prophets
  8. Study 8 The writings (1)
  9. Study 9 The writings (2)
  10. Study 10 The Gospels
  11. Study 11 Acts and the church
  12. Study 12 The church in Revelation


A Ten week course looking at the importance of church and how you can be a part of it.

  1. Study 1 What is church?
  2. Study 2 How are churches made?
  3. Study 3 What does God do when we get together?
  4. Study 4 Where does God live?
  5. Study 5 What should churches be like?
  6. Study 6 How can we have a church like this?
  7. Study 7 God's way of protecting the church
  8. Study 8 The things we do
  9. Study 9 The church and money
  10. Study 10 So what am I supposed to do  


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