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Mount is in the city centre of Swansea, situated on the Kingsway.

Mount Pleasant Church Location



The church has a small car park which is kept free for visitors and disabled use only. To find it, turn left onto Dynevor Place from Bellevue Way and the entrance will be on your right. As well as the church car park there is a car park located behind the Police Station, the first right turn on Mt Pleasent Rd (see map below). This is open to all attendees of the church services. Please note that the site is not owned by the church and as such is only available for use on Sunday for the morning and evening services.

Opening times are as follows:

Sunday : 09:50 - 10:55am and 4:55 - 5:55pm

*Please refer to map below for location only as road system directions have changed*

Car park bit.bmp

There are numerous car parks available nearby such as NCP Swansea or the various Swansea Council carparks.


Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

The Kingsway, Swansea. SA1 5LF

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