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Church People

These are some of the people in the church...

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    Pete Lawrence

    What do you do at Mount?

    I work as a Church Apprentice.


    How did you become a Christian?

    Growing up my Mum and grandparents would tell me that Jesus loved and died for me and I went to Church but I didn’t like it and would just daydream through the services. As a teenager I was very aware of wrong in my life but didn’t know how to come to God. When a school friend of mine became a Christian he introduced me to some other teenage Christians and I was struck by the love they had for others. Through knowing them and older Christians I began to think about God more and started listening in Church. God showed me that he loved me but that I had thrown up barriers between myself and Him throughout my life. I felt like it was impossible for me to come God because I was sinful and insincere in my prayers, but God showed me that through Jesus I could be saved and changed, I called to him through Jesus and he forgave me.


    Tell us something about yourself.

    I came to Swansea in 2008 to study. My first weekend was a busy one, on my first day I met my wife and the next I came to Mount for the first time! Since being here I have done a few silly things, including breaking my neck while breakdancing, and a few sensible ones, including marrying Lauren and getting involved in Church membership.


Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

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