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Church People

These are some of the people in the church...

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    Steve Levy Position: Pastor

    What do you do at mount?

    I am the pastor of the church.


    How did you become a Christian?

    I was brought up in a home where both my parents clearly knew God through Jesus - this showed in all they did as parents.  I was also aware that I did not know God as they did - I hated going to church and listening, but I loved the people.  At the age of 11 I went on a Christian camp where the preacher was telling me things I already knew but this time I was gripped.  It was as if God himself was speaking to me, but I just felt really guilty I hadn't come before.  Eventually I got on my knees and prayed fro Christ to save me, and I instantly knew God's peace.  Not all conversions are like mine but whoever calls on Jesus is saved.


    Tell us something about yourself.

    I was born in Trallwn, Swansea, and I love my city - it's my favourite city in the world.  I love the town, the people, Joe's ice cream and the beaches.  I am married to Clare who is only a year younger than me but she looks twenty years younger!  I have three children who are all big characters.  Come to the church on the Kingsway and introduce yourself - we'd love to meet you.

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

The Kingsway, Swansea. SA1 5LF

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