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Church People

These are some of the people in the church...

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    Jo Perkin

    What do you do at Mount?

    I make sure a lot of the practical issues of the church function properly so that the Bible can be put into practice.  I do this by doing a lot of the administration, enabling people to serve, and helping the pastor.


    How did you become a Christian?

    I was born into a Christian family and was told about Jesus, his perfect life, his love and sacrifice for me so that I could know Him and be friends with Him.  As a child I knew I wanted Jesus to be my friend and to help me live his way rather than my own.  Ever since I put my life in his hands he has been faithful to me, blessed me, helped me, changed me, forgiven me all the times I mess up and has always been there for me.


    Tell us something about yourself.

    I enjoy spending time with friends, roller blading along Swansea Bay, reading gripping novels, watching films, eating chocolate.  I love spending time with children, making them smile and teaching them about Jesus (and giving them back to their parents when needed!).

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