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RBT Groups (Read the Bible Together)

bible.JPGThis is perhaps the most exciting initiative of the last few years. The aim is that everyone involved will have read the whole Bible in three years.  Over 150 people are in RBT groups and we have read through the entire Bible together as a church twice. We are currently nearing the end of our 3rd complete read.

How do they work?

Many people find reading the Bible difficult, many people give up on reading it all and many people give up reading altogether. RBT groups have helped people of all ages (from 4 to 90) read all of the Bible, perhaps for the first time.

They run monthly. Each month everyone reads a book (perhaps John) or a series of books. Some listen to the book on cd. Everyone reads a short introductory sheet and fills in a question sheet (What did I learn about Jesus in this book, How was I encouraged and built up in this book etc). Each group then gets together to share what they have learnt. The results have been wonderful. Old and young, new Christians and old learn from each other and enjoy real fellowship.

Why not sign up and see for yourself.

'I am thrilled to hear of the Bible reading programme at Mount, for as well as being preached and studied, the Bible needs to be read.  When the people have a knowledge of the Bible that is both sharp and wide, it is a fearsome thing in the sight of Hell.  All strength to you as you unleash the sword of the Spirit!' - Mike Reeves

'You are one of the limited number of churches in the UK that are reading the Bible together.  If only more were doing it, we would have a better chance of achieving what happened in the seventeenth century.  Of that period the great historian G.M. Trevelan of Cambridge University wrote in his book 'History of England', that the effect of the reading of the Bible "Upon the national character, imagination and intelligence for nearly three centuries to come was greater than that of any literary movement in our annals or any religious movement since the coming of St. Augustine".

So please encourage the friends at Mount to tell their friends, far and wide, about what you are doing with RBT over there in favoured Swansea!' - Richard Bewes

'Let me say in writing - this RBT is working really well for us.  We have one lady - I told you about her - who collared me after a meeting to tell me how thrilled she is with it - her, her husband and 2 (unconverted) teenage children read it together every day, then discuss it, and then all go to the home groups together.  They're thrilled - her face glowed.  Then we've got one ten year old lad, with a bit of a reputation, who genuinely seems to have been converted.  He began a prayer in a home group "Lord I want you to know I love you with all my heart; please help me stop sinning because I know it doesn't please you." , the whole group just dissolved into tears I'm told.  Even his teachers have noticed a change in his behaviour.  And then - we have some long-term professing Christians who seem to be discovering that they don't like the God of the Bible very much ...that's a good thing too.  Obviously we're praying that God will melt their hearts.'

Novel idea this, isn't it - getting people to read the Bible together...' - Gary Benfold


Please click here to see the future reading program.

If you are wanting the RBT questions here they are for you to print out.

RBT Questions (page layout)

RBT Questions (Table layout)

RBT Leader Guidlines



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