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Recommended Reading

photo.JPGBible overview - Steve Levy

This will give you a Brilliant introduction to the Bible! Written with young people and new believers in mind. Steve helps us get to grips with the structure and the meaning of God's word. In fact it is Steve's desire that we delight after God's Word and hopes that desire to devour God's word and enjoy it would be birthed in us - Richard Bewes




photo (6).JPGA History of the Work of Redemption - Jonathan Edwards

Considered to be one of the greatest theologians and philosophers of all time, this book reviews the entire panorama of human history and shows from scripture that everything hinges on Christ's return to purchase redemption.





photo (1).JPGThe Sermon on the Mount - Sinclair Ferguson

This book is used in the Sermon on the Mount course which is one of the foundational courses the church offers.

What is a Christian? Does the Law of God still have a place in the Christian life? How can I learn to pray? Why am I a prisoner to anxiety? This book deals with these issues and more in a crisp, concise and readable way.

Offers the perfect blend of scholarship and inspiration, a truely valuable book - Bookstore Journal 


photo (3).JPGChallenging Lifestyle - Nicky Gumball

Our culture is obsessed by lifestyle: clothes, fitness, slimming, sex and cars. But are these things fulfilling our real needs, easing our anxieties and deepening our relationships?

Challenging Lifestyle examines the Sermon on the Mount and presents us with some radical alternatives for fulfilled 21st century living.

'Gumbel's combination of humour, anecdote, metaphysics, quotations from the Bible and complex theology are both persuasive and compelling' - The Observer


photo (7).JPGKnow the truth - Bruce Milne

Christians have already begun to know God and his truth. This handbook will help us grow in that liberating knowledge, as it opens up the great themes of God's Word and shows us how they fit together.




photo (4).JPGLife in the Father’s house - Wayne Mack

This book lays out the crucial pattern for conduct in the fellowhip that leads to the fulfillment of our Lord's desire in the church - John MacArthur





photo (5).JPGThe Experience that Counts! - Jonathan Edwards

This book shows us that we should keep to what Scripture teaches to have a true experience of salvation, rather than what false religious experiences can fabricate.





photo (8).JPGThe Top 100 Questions - Richard Bewes

We've all had that sinking feeling when you realise that the question you have just been asked has you stumped. With the experience of being a pastor of a vibrant city church in the heart of London Richard Bewes has faced many tricky questions about his faith on almost a daily basis. This book is a compliation of his Top 100 questions asked from people from all different walks of life. He seeks to give answers with clear biblical advice to challenging and genuine questions. 



The Goodnight Book - Richard Bewes

Psychologists tell us that the last thing we think about at night tends to stay with us, and become a part of the subconscious, thus affecting our mental and emotional make-up. This book contains 123 inspiratinoal passages that can appeal to those who need a little lift at the end of their day.







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